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Our philosophy is SIMPLE ~ House of Homeware.

Customer’s satisfaction and product quality are ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS

Hence, we do it right. What make us different? Here is it.

What’s the Differences between WILTEK and Shop X?



SHOP X : We are always Cheapest in the town.

Wiltek: We are offering REASONABLE price with QUALITY products.

SHOP X: The staffs will tell you, all of the price stated are not the true price and most of them are discountable up to 30, 40, 50, 60, 70%

Wiltek: Never markup to discount. NEVER.

SHOP X : There’s always margin for sales staff to “chop” customers. Telling customers that’s the LOWEST PRICE they could offer while there’s still margin behind.

Good customers who are not good in bargaining will have to pay more. Fussy customers always get the good price due to their attitude.

Wiltek: Just smile while shopping here, the prices are FIXED.

Fussy customers are not good customer but get better price; Good customers would not bargain with you but pay the higher price. Does that make sense?

Water Faucet Specialist


Specialist in all sanitary ware products especially water faucets (water taps), Wide range of exchangeable valves

A water tap seems like a simple mechanism, but it is made up of many components.

The vital part to control the water is the valve

Come to us if you are facing problems as:

  1. Water tap leaking
  2. Don’t know how to change the valve
  3. Unable to change the valve in shop X

Yes, we could change for you even with other brands. (While stock last)

WILTEK, we are here to help



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